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If I write it here I’ll HAVE to do it, lest I feel too guilty for lying on the Internet.

I’ve been planning to do some sewing before uni goes back, but I’m just not getting into it! But if it’s written here for all to see, well, naturally, I’ll just have to do it, right?

So here we go. Before uni goes back, I will…:
– finish my red, white and blue dress,
– sew my grey dress,
– go through my mending box  pile mountain, deciding what and how to mend or alter (definately = circle skirt, blue skirt),
– sew a pencil skirt,
– sew a six / eight gore skirt (perhaps, maybe),
– sew a petticoat (maybe, perhaps).

Now let’s get motivated! (I hope)

EDIT: Oh, and a skirt I began for ‘Lana, and my sister’s Christmas present (…oops.)