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So the other day, I was making chips, and I thought, “Do I want aioli with these chips? Or guacamole?” And then I hit my forehead and realised the answer was simple. I would make BOTH. And the result was delicious.

So I made some more today, and took some photos, and had a delicious lunch with homemade chips, guacamaioli (a term I may have just coined? A quick Google search brought up avacado aiolis, but nothing for “guacamaioli” itself), and a tomato, cherry and mint salad.

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Just a quick little hello…

… to say it’s SUMMER!!!! (Unless you’re in part of the world where, indeed, it is not. Sorry.)

Enjoy the weather, belles!!!

My Favourite Ways Not to Get Skin Cancer

Another post with the tag “summer”. What else would you expect? I told you that I’m super keen for it!

This time, it’s a list of my Favourite Ways Not to Get Skin Cancer. Because who wants skin cancer? Not me, that’s for sure. And I’m guessing not you, either.

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Bu-ut, Oh! Those Su-ummer… Niiiigh-hights!!!

Who doesn’t love a bit of Grease in the blog title?!

Hmm. Knowing the opinions of many of my friends about Grease, don’t answer that. Just be happy for me, haha.

Anyway! About this time every year (the end of the school year is in sight, days are getting longer and warmer, etc etc), I start thinking of the long stretch of holidays that lays ahead of me. Thinking and PLANNING.

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TEN SONGS… to get your summer on to

SUMMER’S COMING! Get excited! I’m excited! Are you excited?

We’ve got some warm weather going on down here in Melbourne (though, you know, it is CURRENTLY raining… ), and I’ve probably been a little too excited about the fact that I can wear dresses and skirts without leggings or tights.

BUT, what all this means is that you need, a) to get ready for an overload of summery posts here, and b) to listen to some summery songs!

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