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Scrubby Dub Dub

The skin on my legs was feeling dry and flakey and yuck. So, I figured I would exfoliate them.

Instead of buying a ready made product, I figured I would go ahead and make my own. With two simple products, which, by the way, you may ALREADY HAVE IN YOUR HOUSE.

First, check your pantry. You need sugar. I bought raw sugar, because I wanted it nice and grainy.


Next, tip in some good old baby oil. Does anyone else love the smell of baby oil?


As much as baby oil smells nice, and sugar is tasty, don’t go eating this stuff. Baby oil ain’t for nomming.

Give this all a mixeroo, and away you go! Super easy, super cheap, sugar scrub!


Rub it in circles on the offending skin, then rinse it off! Make sure you rinse thoroughly; it IS oil you’re putting on your skin… Soft and silky is one thing… Greasy oil slick is another.