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Christmas Breakfast Om Nom Nom

Merry Christmas everybody!!

I made breakfast for my family this morning, after Santa brought me a cooking magazine!! It was inspired by an Israeli dish, but I guess mine ended up with more of a Mediterranean feel.


So I fried some garlic and mushrooms (if I’d had onion, there’d totally be onions) and then tipped in a tin of crushed tomatoes. I took the time now to add a little cumin and some “Italian herbs”.


That simmered away for a little while, and then I cracked a whole bunch of eggs in, and put on the lid.

In the mean time, I toasted some Turkish bread, and set the table.


Om nom nom and merry Christmas!!!


Q: What do sprigs of asparagus, apple sauce, self-raising flour, porrige oats and Greek yoghurt have in common?
A: They’re all the choices for this week’s WHIPPED challenge!

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Om Nom Nom Apples

Last night, my friend Troy – who I’ve known for, oh you know, FOREVER – and I had a sleepover. There was Thai food. There was wine. There were 90s movies (and Wall-E, but I fell asleep :/). And there was dessert. Troy suggested a chocolate bavarian from his freezer, but I’m trialling a dairy-free  diet, because I keep getting tummy aches when I have it… So there  were POACHED APPLES. Continue reading


We all know what time of year it is. It’s procrastination assignment and exam time! Sleep? Who needs that?! You can sleep when the semester’s over.

But you still need to eat. And what better way to procrastinate take a study break than to cook something you’ll get to eat? Bonus points for comfort foods.

So here’s a one of my favourite comfort foods, which is quick and easy to make. Perfect for either needing food RIGHT NOW, or if you are ACTUALLY WORKING and don’t have time to spare not writing essays.

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So the other day, I was making chips, and I thought, “Do I want aioli with these chips? Or guacamole?” And then I hit my forehead and realised the answer was simple. I would make BOTH. And the result was delicious.

So I made some more today, and took some photos, and had a delicious lunch with homemade chips, guacamaioli (a term I may have just coined? A quick Google search brought up avacado aiolis, but nothing for “guacamaioli” itself), and a tomato, cherry and mint salad.

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Cupcake Tea Party!!!

I found this recipe for Oreo cheesecake cupcakes the other week, and have been dying to make them since!!!

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