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BEDA2: Blog EVERY Day?

No “after” photo of the hair, today either sorry. Too tired and ugly, haha.

I have nothing in mind for today’s blog, so I’ll just tell you what’s up.

I worked today, for three and a quarter hours. In the middle of the day. Take from that what you will.

I’m currently reading The Assassination of Marilyn Monroe, and it’s really interesting. I got on it, because the other day in a lecture I wasn’t really paying attention to, the lecturer mentioned conspiracy theories. And so I spent the rest of the lecture looking up conspiracy theories, mainly the “Paul is Dead”  conspiracy, and Marilyn Monroe’s death.

And then after the lecture I was talking with a buddypal about it, and she said she had a WHOLE BOOK about it, and now I’m reading it!

What’s the best conspiracy theory you’ve heard, or come up with?

Erika Iris Simmons

Today my buddy Alana and I were doing a little browsing, and we came across the artworks of Erika Iris Simmons. And the first thing I thought (other than “WOW”) was that I HAD to share these works with you readerfriends.

Ghost in the Machine- Marilyn's White Dress
I love how film stars are created in film…

Beethoven: Ready for framing
… and composers out of sheet music…

Ghost in the Machine- Michael Jackson
… and the musicians out of cassettes!

Amazing, no? Have a look through the rest of the pieces!

All pictures are taken from Erika Iris Simmons’ flikr stream. No copyright breach is intended, and will be removed at the request of the artist.