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Christmas Reading #2: Let It Snow

So I have this cousin, Hannah. She’s the youngest of all my family, and she is pretty Gosh Darn Cool.

The Hungry Kids of Hungary think she’s “rad”, and it’s possible you will too.

Here are a few things to know about Hannie:
– In the past twoish years we’ve become pretty good friends 🙂 🙂 🙂
– She’s a Hufflepuff, like me!
– She’s currently in France and we’re all looking forward to souvenirs her coming back!!
– She doesn’t reread books.

There are two exceptions to this last one. Harry Potter, because, well, it did take her a few years to get into (awkies), but we ARE related, right? And the other is Let It Snow.

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A few weeks ago, my buddy Rhi and my cousin Hannah and I decided that we needed to make the food from John Green’s books, Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns. Both of which, by the way, you need to read.

I saw a tutorial on Youtube for both these recipes, but it’s pretty straight forward. First of all, what the hell are these things? Why don’t I let John Green explain?

So between the deep-fried burittos, and the sugar-drenched energy drink, we had a heart attack waiting to happen.

Here’s a little video Rhi put together, which shows off nicely what we did.


I wouldn’t try Bluefin like this again (we later simply disolved fairy floss into water, and it was sugary brilliance), but Oh My hweprufhuodhfwirfh bufriedos were AMAZING. We’re making this a monthly do.


I am a Colin, not a Katherine.