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With Flowers in Her Hair

I love wearing flowers in my hair. It’s kind of fun.

So over the weekend, I made these flower combs.

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BEDA3: Setting Lotion, Nail Polish

I tried making a hair setting lotion last night – you know, for better staying curls? – but it didn’t work out. Too sticky, and I couldn’t brush them out this morning. So it’s back to the drawing board. I think the problem was that I used honey AND sugar, when only one probably would have sufficed.

Do you paint your nails? Do you have a signature colour? I do, out of a lack of other colours, haha. It’s red. A few weeks ago, I was talking to my grandma on the phone, and a lady who helps her out with her hair, and nails etc had just left, and instead of just doing a tidy-up on her nails, as usual, she’d painted them RED, and my grandma was loving it, but kept getting a shock when she caught a glimpse of them.

I told my grandma that I’d read that red and other bold nail colours make your hands look younger than if you use a pastel colour, because pastels draw attention to the HANDS, but bright, bold colours draw attention to the NAILS. She agreed.