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Granny Squares: Not Just for Grannies, and Not Just for Squares.

Oops, looks like I forgot to post for… far too long. SORRY!

I’ve been making granny squares, though, if you’ve been wondering. I haven’t made very many yet, and they aren’t all the same size (despite the fact most of them are meant to be), but I’m LEARNING, which is the important part. One day I’ll be able to make a rug of granny squares. Hopefully before I am, indeed, a granny.

I’ve been making little ones, but tonight I tried making a bigger one. I think I like it better. How about you?

I had my lovely boyfriend’s lovely mother teach me how to make granny squares, but if you were wondering how to do it yourself, I believe Pip has a great set of tutorials!

Keep your knees warm this winter!!