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Ski Lift

“Truth be told, I just want to make pretty music.”

It was this realisation which started Ski Lift. Trey George left behind other projects which simply weren’t him. “Self-conscious hyper-obscure” music had been replaced with “over-the-top honesty”.

The teenaged “grindy screamo bands” of 2004 were finished. So was Jesse James Wax Museum, the nine-piece group trying to emulate The-Decembrists-meets-Sufjan-Stevens, who would get really drunk for live shows, and had a crowd-pleasing stage presence… which when recorded sounded like “a praise band with trumpets that sang about bank robbers and murderers”. Gone too, was JJWM, the second, “more experimental, relevant, whatever” incarnation of that outfit, which resulted in “a schizophrenic turd of an EP”.

So Ski Lift was born from an appreciation of “how pretty the human voice could be” combined with “how powerful simple, honest lyrics could be.” Not wanting to argue with the rest of JJWM about “not being cool enough”, Trey got Abby Webster in on the act, and they started writing.

And then Trey took a marketing job eight hours away, and moved from Springfield, Missouri to Nashville, Tennessee. Continue reading