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A few weeks ago, my buddy Rhi and my cousin Hannah and I decided that we needed to make the food from John Green’s books, Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns. Both of which, by the way, you need to read.

I saw a tutorial on Youtube for both these recipes, but it’s pretty straight forward. First of all, what the hell are these things? Why don’t I let John Green explain?

So between the deep-fried burittos, and the sugar-drenched energy drink, we had a heart attack waiting to happen.

Here’s a little video Rhi put together, which shows off nicely what we did.


I wouldn’t try Bluefin like this again (we later simply disolved fairy floss into water, and it was sugary brilliance), but Oh My hweprufhuodhfwirfh bufriedos were AMAZING. We’re making this a monthly do.