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BEDAum…: Sorry!

You may have noticed that it is still April, and also that I have not been blogging every day. Yeah.

I remembered why I DON’T usually blog every day: I don’t have that much content 😛

Also, loads of stuff going on at the moment, and well, yeah. If I continued with BEDA, you’d just end up with angry, confused, tired rants. And none of us want that.

So no more BEDA! Sorry! (/ you’re welcome?)

BEDA9: Quick One!

I’ve just been offered a new job!! ^_^
Hooray! It’s just my (very pretty) cup of tea!
New beginning!

BEDA8:New Moon = Bad Luck

I’m babysitting at the moment. Don’t worry, there have been no calls coming from inside the house.

I DID receive one call, however, from the mother’s step-dad, I think. He told me to not look out at the new moon in the sky through the window, because looking at a new moon through glass is supposedly BAD LUCK. So there we go! DON’T DO IT! You’ve been warned.

That’s it really. Hope you didn’t unwillingly give yourself bad luck tonight!

Do you have any superstitions?

BEDA7: Well… somewhere in the world.

I’m sorry. I am a horrible, horrible perosn.

I promised to blog Every Day in April. And I didn’t blog at all yesterday.

The good news IS: it is still April 7th somewhere in the world 😉

Instead of blogging yesterday, I went to Parliament with my fellow journalism students. I HOPE TO NEVER HAVE TO DO THAT AGAIN. People so rude to each other should not be allowed to argue in such a pretty building. Seriously, they acted like they were still in Year Nine. AND THEY MAKE DECISIONS ON YOUR BEHALF.

And then my friends and I sat in the park and ate chocolate and talked about celebrities. And then we went music shopping. I bought a 2CD collection of a selection of Billie Holiday’s music. Nice!

And then, last night, my parents were watching MTV. It was weird.

I’ll blog again later 😛

BEDA6: Ten Songs… to Laugh / Sing / Get Your Jig On to

As promised yesterday, here is a list of songs to laugh and sing and get your jig on to!

Today was a GORGEOUS day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, I went really well at a job interview (Wish me luck! I find out Friday! To quote Faux Fuscia, fingers and toes, people).

While it doesn’t make the list, I had “It’s a Good Day” by Peggy Lee in my head THE WHOLE DAY. And it was awesome.

Here we go:

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BEDA5: 10 Songs… to Shed a Little Tear to

Sad songs. Just go with it, kay? Sometimes, you just need a little time to be teary. Continue reading


I am a Colin, not a Katherine.

BEDA2: Blog EVERY Day?

No “after” photo of the hair, today either sorry. Too tired and ugly, haha.

I have nothing in mind for today’s blog, so I’ll just tell you what’s up.

I worked today, for three and a quarter hours. In the middle of the day. Take from that what you will.

I’m currently reading The Assassination of Marilyn Monroe, and it’s really interesting. I got on it, because the other day in a lecture I wasn’t really paying attention to, the lecturer mentioned conspiracy theories. And so I spent the rest of the lecture looking up conspiracy theories, mainly the “Paul is Dead”  conspiracy, and Marilyn Monroe’s death.

And then after the lecture I was talking with a buddypal about it, and she said she had a WHOLE BOOK about it, and now I’m reading it!

What’s the best conspiracy theory you’ve heard, or come up with?

BEDA*1: Henna, and What the Eff is BEDA?

Right now, I have henna in my hair (and on my neck, and on my top), and I am waiting for it to dry so I can go rinse it.

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