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The Time I First Heard… July Days

So it was the afternoon of my Year 12 History exam in which I’d studied the Russian and Chinese Revolutions. And I got home from the exam, and I was doing a little browsing on the old Facebook, and one of my friends had “liked” the “July Days”.

And I was sitting there wondering, “why would you like the events in 1917 that took place in Petrograd, Russia, between 3 July and 7 July ( Julian calendar ) (16 July – 20 July, Gregorian calendar ), when soldiers and industrial workers engaged in spontaneous demonstrations against the Russian Provisional Government?

So I clicked. And I listened. And I enjoyed.

And that’s it. You should listen to July Days, because they’re pretty delightful. They remind me a bit of Jet, except I’ve heard that Jet are kind of jerks in person? July Days didn’t seem that way when I saw them, which, you know, is always nice.

Click. Listen. Enjoy.


Guys. It’s November.

You’re growing a moustache? That’s cute.

I’m writing a fifty-thousand word novel. In thirty days.

I just gave a little impromptu pep talk on the Australian Muggles Alliance off-topic facebook page, and thought I’d share it here as well. Partially because I haven’t blogged in… too long. Uni’s almost over. I’ll love you then.

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September One

It’s September first! Which means it’s spring! Which, more importantly, means it ISN’T WINTER!!!

Excuse me while I channel my inner Faux Fuscia and show off my hyacinths. Lovely, no?

The Easter Bunny brought me the bulbs (I also have one in white), and they’ve been growing for about two months now 🙂

Happy Non-Winter!

Haiku Every Day in June: June Six

Eighty-four minutes
I spent hiccupping today.
Three lots of hiccups.

Haiku Every Day in June

Okay. So. You all saw me fail at Blog Every Day in April. Let’s move on. It’s time to get excited for HAIKU EVERY DAY IN JUNE!! Wew wew wew wew wew!!!!

Haiku Every Day in June is something I began in 2009, whereby I write a haiku every day in June.

Really, you should probably get the idea of it; it’s rather self-explanatory…

Will YOU join me in my quest to write a haiku every day in June? It’s really much easier than it looks. You need five syllables, then seven, and then five. HOORAY HAIKU FUN!

BEDA9: Quick One!

I’ve just been offered a new job!! ^_^
Hooray! It’s just my (very pretty) cup of tea!
New beginning!


I am a Colin, not a Katherine.

The Dining Room Proudly Presents… Your Dinner

So this is what I had for dinner last night, in case you were wondering. Are you jealous? You should be.

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Kettle’s on…

Hello, come on in. Pop on your comfy clothes, make a cup of tea and settle into your doona. You are now reading Cardigan Magazine for the very first time.

Okay, so maybe you’ve not got your doona, because you’re stuck at your desk (or maybe you do, we don’t judge here). Maybe you’re in a lecture, or in class (in fact, I am writing this very post in a Digital Literacies class (Hi, Tony)).

But I digress. Sit back, enjoy, welcome to Cardigan. Even if you are at work, or at school, or on the train, we’ll make you feel cosy and warm.