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Peachy Keen

Last night I had the really exciting opportunity to head along to the official launch of The Peach.

The Peach is something you should probably be getting excited about if you’re entirely over the garbage in most women’s magazines. That is, it’s all about real women who, get this, aren’t pressuring you to be anything other than the woman you already are.

As well as meeting a whole bunch of exciting people, including editor Amelia Grevis-James, I got to meet Phoebe from Lady Melbourne – the woman behind the first blog that I got into, when I was seventeen!

Iolanthe from Ruby Slipper was kind enough to get a happy snap for me!

After reading ALL of the articles on The Peach tonight, I’m super keen to keep up to date with what’s to come!!

Fifty Things of 2011

So I told you last year how I like to do a roundup of fifty things I have done in a year. And… this year is no exception. Go!!!

1. Began the year in Indonesia.
2. Where I attended an amazing wedding and
3. Fell in a hole.


4. I quit my first job after almost four years and
5. Have spent eight months working in a shop I adore.
6. Been excited to learn shorthand.
7. Thought I was going to fail shorthand.
8. Ended up getting a credit in shorthand.
9. Crossed “donate blood” off my list. Which I did twice (the second time on my birthday, no less), only to find that it’s too difficult for both parties for my blood to be drawn, and to try again in a few years.
10. Crossed be in an artwork off my list, for my best friend Alana’s trade school assignment
11. Turned twenty.
12. Had a song written about me
13. Learnt what beautifully amazing friends I have.
14. Acquired even more beautifully amazing friends.
15. Made a speech at Rhianna’s 21st birthday
16. Helped out at the IMAX showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two with the Melbourne Muggles
17. Was interviewed by the Bendigo Advertiser for being a Harry Potter nerd, which led to me…
18. Writing a review of HPDHII for the Bendigo Advertiser
19. Attended a Harry Potter weekend, and various other meetups
20. Finally got my Learners Permit (and racked up a total of three hours driving)
21. Had a lady stop me in train station bathrooms to ask me if she could take a photo of my shoes.
22. Met my buddy Hannah at the airport with flowers when she was returning from South America
23. Cried every day for two weeks
24. Realised I’d been walking around in shoes which had about a 1.5cm height difference after being “repaired”… For a month.

25. Made food featured in John Green books.
26. Watched my buddy Emma play in Revlon and Razorwire
27. Found two wallets within one week, which I handed in, which gave me Good Wallet Karma for when I lost my wallet within the same month.
30. Dressed as Diana and the Golden Apples for my friend Eleanor’s 21st
31. Saw The Lion King at the cinema
32. Saw HPDHII at the cinema four times
33. Bought two petticoats off a square dancing website.
34. Apparently lived in a sitcom entitled Allyoops!
35. Attended Oaks Day

36. Failed NaNoWriMo (for the second time out of four :/ ).. and Blog Every Day in April, and Haiku Every Day in June :/
37. Saw and met Wil Anderson
38. Ate many dumplings, drank many cocktails
39. Worked at the WIGGLES CONCERT for two days

40. Saw the Myer Windows for the first time
41. Worked a retail Christmas
42. Lost my diary, which was really distressing.
43. Lost a ring that had belonged to my mother which was even more distressing
44. Played two games of Harry Potter Scrabble in a cafe (Hufflepuffs won both times, yeahhhhh)
45. Bought many clothes from Glassons
46. Watched too much a healthy amount of trashy wedding TV
47. Took many baths
48. Went to a show which was part of the Ukulele Festival
49. Ate pizza with M’n’Ms
50. Dyed my hair red


Guys… It’s my bloggerversary.

I’ve been writing here for ONE WHOLE YEAR.

Get excited! I’m excited!

Happy birthday to ALL of us!


I’ve had a list of things to do before I die since 2008. I’ve been crossing things off, pretty slowly (in fact, I’m quite sure I’ve ADDED more things than I’ve COMPLETED), I guess, but on the other hand, I don’t plan on dying any time soon.

In the past month or two, though, I’ve crossed off TWO WHOLE THINGS, and it’s EXCITING! Wanna hear the list, and one of the things I got to cross off YESTERDAY?

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Oh, You Like Harry Potter?

First things first. I know it LOOKS like I’m a lazy so-and-so because I didn’t finish Haiku Every Day in June, just like I didn’t finish Blog Every Day in April… but I actually got sick. And, well… no haiku. I’M SORRY, I LOVE HAIKU EVERY DAY IN JUNE.

Now that that’s out of the way, my sister sent me a link to this newspaper article this morning, and if, by some miracle, you don’t know that I’m a Harry Potter Nerd, well… I am. So I accepted the challenge, and I emailed the guy.

And then I thought, well now, these are some lovely thoughts. I might like to share them with my Harry Potter friends. And anyone else who cares to take a look.

So here we go: my thoughts on What Harry Potter Means to Me.

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Haiku Every Day in June: Four Days of Haiku!!!

I swear I’ll write an interesting blogpost soon.

Haiku Every Day in June: Four and Five

Woohoo! Haiku!
June Fourth:

June Fifth:
Probably need nap.
Instead, time for studying.
Media Law cram!