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The Time I First Heard… July Days

So it was the afternoon of my Year 12 History exam in which I’d studied the Russian and Chinese Revolutions. And I got home from the exam, and I was doing a little browsing on the old Facebook, and one of my friends had “liked” the “July Days”.

And I was sitting there wondering, “why would you like the events in 1917 that took place in Petrograd, Russia, between 3 July and 7 July ( Julian calendar ) (16 July – 20 July, Gregorian calendar ), when soldiers and industrial workers engaged in spontaneous demonstrations against the Russian Provisional Government?

So I clicked. And I listened. And I enjoyed.

And that’s it. You should listen to July Days, because they’re pretty delightful. They remind me a bit of Jet, except I’ve heard that Jet are kind of jerks in person? July Days didn’t seem that way when I saw them, which, you know, is always nice.

Click. Listen. Enjoy.

Ski Lift

“Truth be told, I just want to make pretty music.”

It was this realisation which started Ski Lift. Trey George left behind other projects which simply weren’t him. “Self-conscious hyper-obscure” music had been replaced with “over-the-top honesty”.

The teenaged “grindy screamo bands” of 2004 were finished. So was Jesse James Wax Museum, the nine-piece group trying to emulate The-Decembrists-meets-Sufjan-Stevens, who would get really drunk for live shows, and had a crowd-pleasing stage presence… which when recorded sounded like “a praise band with trumpets that sang about bank robbers and murderers”. Gone too, was JJWM, the second, “more experimental, relevant, whatever” incarnation of that outfit, which resulted in “a schizophrenic turd of an EP”.

So Ski Lift was born from an appreciation of “how pretty the human voice could be” combined with “how powerful simple, honest lyrics could be.” Not wanting to argue with the rest of JJWM about “not being cool enough”, Trey got Abby Webster in on the act, and they started writing.

And then Trey took a marketing job eight hours away, and moved from Springfield, Missouri to Nashville, Tennessee. Continue reading

BEDA7: Well… somewhere in the world.

I’m sorry. I am a horrible, horrible perosn.

I promised to blog Every Day in April. And I didn’t blog at all yesterday.

The good news IS: it is still April 7th somewhere in the world 😉

Instead of blogging yesterday, I went to Parliament with my fellow journalism students. I HOPE TO NEVER HAVE TO DO THAT AGAIN. People so rude to each other should not be allowed to argue in such a pretty building. Seriously, they acted like they were still in Year Nine. AND THEY MAKE DECISIONS ON YOUR BEHALF.

And then my friends and I sat in the park and ate chocolate and talked about celebrities. And then we went music shopping. I bought a 2CD collection of a selection of Billie Holiday’s music. Nice!

And then, last night, my parents were watching MTV. It was weird.

I’ll blog again later 😛

BEDA6: Ten Songs… to Laugh / Sing / Get Your Jig On to

As promised yesterday, here is a list of songs to laugh and sing and get your jig on to!

Today was a GORGEOUS day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, I went really well at a job interview (Wish me luck! I find out Friday! To quote Faux Fuscia, fingers and toes, people).

While it doesn’t make the list, I had “It’s a Good Day” by Peggy Lee in my head THE WHOLE DAY. And it was awesome.

Here we go:

Continue reading

BEDA5: 10 Songs… to Shed a Little Tear to

Sad songs. Just go with it, kay? Sometimes, you just need a little time to be teary. Continue reading

Ten Songs… to Whistle to!

I don’t know about you, but I love a good whistle solo.

1. “Without Love”Ben Abraham
Okay, so I know Ben Abraham was in the summer list, but, well, he likely to be in a lot of my lists. And he’s going to stay in the lists until you GO LISTEN. Not only does “Without Love” have a whistle solo, but live (the only place I’ve heard it), it has an AUDIENCE whistle solo. Perfect, no?
(Can’t find it anywhere online WITH the whistling! I’M SORRY. You’ll just have to believe me, or go check Ben out while I try to source it!) (Please accept this whistle-less version until I find one). (Actually, you can SORT OF hear a little whistling in this video *clutching at straws*)

2. “I Whistle a Happy Tune” – the King and I
This song pretty much guarantees that whistling will solve all your problems. So whistle a happy tune!

3. “Whistle for the Choir” – the Fratellis
A song like this is irresistable, haha. I’ve got to admit it, the Fratellis are one of my favourite bands. And here’s a great cover (which I actually heard before I heard the original), by Alex Day and Mhazz. Huh. They appear to have taken it down, making this whole part redundant. Oh well. Alex Day is a good whistler though.

4. “Home” – Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes
Holey moley, me oh my, I love this song haha. Many people I know call this song “that whistling song”, which is exactly why it’s on the list.

5. “Whistle in the Dark” – Mojo Juju and the Snake Oil Merchants
While the whistle solo in this song is drowned out by a TAP SOLO, I came across it by searching “whistle” in Triple J Unearthed (searching whatever words come into my head in Triple J Unearthed is my favourite way of finding new music. I came across Ben Abraham by searching “ukulele”, and look where that got us!), and thought it too cool not to share! Enjoy!

6. “Magic Moments” – Perry Como
You may know this from – I think – a crumpet ad? But you should know it to whistle along to. PS, bring back “Hay Rides” and “Halloween Hops”, yes?

7. “Georgie Girl” – the Seekers
When I asked Facebook for suggestions for this list, we had a debate as to whether this is a whistling solo. It seems to be at least some SORT of whistle, depending on the recording, and since I wasn’t specific, it makes the list! (Also, I want Judith Durham’s dress in this video)

8. “Whistle While You Work” – Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
It has come to my attention that the Disney Corporation is trying to make us think that by whistling, cleaning will be fun. NICE TRY, DISNEY. As much as I love you, and as much as I whistle, cleaning will never be fun! Your propaganda won’t work on me!

9. “Five Years Time” – Noah and the Whale
I’m gonna admit it. I’ve been told to listen to Noah and the Whale quite a few times. I’ve probably heard a few of their songs a few times, without realising that’s what I was listening to. And then I was told that this song has a whistle solo, therefore was going on the list. And I’ve fallen a bit in love. You know how I love a good ukulele!

10. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” – Bobby McFerrin
And last but not least, a little reggae with a sweet whistle solo at the beginning. Watch the video. Keep watching once the whistling’s done. It amused me. (Which I guess is the point :P)

I Hope This Gets to You

It may only be an hour since I got out of bed, but this is the cutest thing I have seen all day.

Apparently, this guy has written this song for his girlfriend who has just become his long distance girlfriend. And she hasn’t seen it yet. She’s meant to find it through the joys of viral media.

I say “apparently” because there are cynics out there who say it’s just a scam. Which, you know, it might be. But I’m a hopeless romantic, and would really like it to be true.

Regardless, it’s super cute. Take a looksie!!