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Make, Do and Mend!!

Oh, hey. It’s been a while. My bad.

I have three weeks left of my Journalism degree, and it’s been pretty much taking up all my time.

But! Come November, I have big plans! For starters, a breath of fresh air into Cardigan Magazine. Expect a relaunch by December; I’m pretty excited for this, but won’t say too much more on the topic for now.

The other thing is, I cannot stop thinking of craft projects. 

And not just casual craft projects either… I want a drill.

So here is a list of projects I want to dabble in over the next year. Twelve projects for twelve months.

– A variety of garden pots
– Candle making
– Resin jewellery
– Felting
– Hat making
– Knitted clothing
– Crocheted clothing
– Make a piece of furniture!
– Screen printing
– Fabric stamping
– Wall art
– Embroidery

I’m really excited to try these projects out… now just to wait for uni to be done!

Walking on Gold

So last year, I bought a pair of shoes from like, Kmart or something, and this year, they were beginning to look a little tired.


So, inspired by this tutorial, I decided to give them a new lease on life.

But… Well… You may have noticed I am on a tight budget unashamedly cheap… I like a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. So if I could find an alternative to buying paint that I’d only use for this one project, I had a wonder of what I could use instead.

And, the natural conclusion I came to, of course, was nail polish.


Now, in the spirit of cheapness, for the love of the lemonade budget, use a cheap nail polish. I’m pretty sure this cost me all of a two dollar coin. Don’t go around putting OPI or Chanel or whatever on your Kmart shoes only use it on your pricey shoes, right? No, just use something cheap. Because what you do now, is just slop it on.

In the large blocks, I just slopped it on, loads of paint on the brush. But on the trims, where it needed to be a bit neater, I made sure there were no opportunities for drips.

A few coats later, and voila!


My cousin Hannah took these happy snaps for me. Cheers, cuz!


And now, I can match my shoes to my nail polish!!! Or, if I didn’t just get this lovely manicure done, I would!


With Flowers in Her Hair

I love wearing flowers in my hair. It’s kind of fun.

So over the weekend, I made these flower combs.

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What Did You Build With YOUR Lego, Then?

I like shoes. You probably like shoes, too; I mean, they stop you from stepping directly in glass and dog poop and who knows what else.

I also like pretty, impractical shoes. Like these ones I just made.

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Granny Squares: Not Just for Grannies, and Not Just for Squares.

Oops, looks like I forgot to post for… far too long. SORRY!

I’ve been making granny squares, though, if you’ve been wondering. I haven’t made very many yet, and they aren’t all the same size (despite the fact most of them are meant to be), but I’m LEARNING, which is the important part. One day I’ll be able to make a rug of granny squares. Hopefully before I am, indeed, a granny.

I’ve been making little ones, but tonight I tried making a bigger one. I think I like it better. How about you?

I had my lovely boyfriend’s lovely mother teach me how to make granny squares, but if you were wondering how to do it yourself, I believe Pip has a great set of tutorials!

Keep your knees warm this winter!!

Fold Your Own Bracelet!

So yesterday I was browsing through my “starred” list in my Google Reader, because I realised I click the little star, thinkning I’ll want to read it again, or try to recreate the dress from the picture, or bake that cake or whatever. But really what I’ve been doing is exiling it to the starred items. And not looking at it for a YEAR.

So now I’ve gone through, unstarred some things, and then what I’ve wanted to keep, I’ve actually TAGGED, so I can find it, or be inspired easier. Yay!

But how this interests you IS, I found a post about a DIY bracelet, made from printouts. It’s by Goncalo Campos, and YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF.

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Erika Iris Simmons

Today my buddy Alana and I were doing a little browsing, and we came across the artworks of Erika Iris Simmons. And the first thing I thought (other than “WOW”) was that I HAD to share these works with you readerfriends.

Ghost in the Machine- Marilyn's White Dress
I love how film stars are created in film…

Beethoven: Ready for framing
… and composers out of sheet music…

Ghost in the Machine- Michael Jackson
… and the musicians out of cassettes!

Amazing, no? Have a look through the rest of the pieces!

All pictures are taken from Erika Iris Simmons’ flikr stream. No copyright breach is intended, and will be removed at the request of the artist.