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Back to the Future – Irina Werning

Hey, look, more cool art!

This time it’s Irina Werning’s “Back to the Future” project, which started last year, where she’s got pictures of people from when they were younger (oldest from 1956, most recent from 1992), and then she’s got the subject of the photo to recreate the shot! Super cool, no?

Incidentally, I had wanted to do this in December of 2009, recreating the picture below for my 18th birthday. My older sister (the one in blue) was uncooperative 😦

You Nerdburger, You!

I have a friend named Benjamin. And Ben is a nerdburger.

Ben is such a nerdburger, he made a shirt to tell EVERYONE that he is a nerdburger.

And you should wear this shirt too (if, indeed, you are also a nerdburger) (which, of course, is a good thing).

BUT, if you want to see this shirt actually printed, you should go vote for it on Threadless! And let Ben share his nerdburgerness with the world.

Erika Iris Simmons

Today my buddy Alana and I were doing a little browsing, and we came across the artworks of Erika Iris Simmons. And the first thing I thought (other than “WOW”) was that I HAD to share these works with you readerfriends.

Ghost in the Machine- Marilyn's White Dress
I love how film stars are created in film…

Beethoven: Ready for framing
… and composers out of sheet music…

Ghost in the Machine- Michael Jackson
… and the musicians out of cassettes!

Amazing, no? Have a look through the rest of the pieces!

All pictures are taken from Erika Iris Simmons’ flikr stream. No copyright breach is intended, and will be removed at the request of the artist.