Make, Do and Mend!!

Oh, hey. It’s been a while. My bad.

I have three weeks left of my Journalism degree, and it’s been pretty much taking up all my time.

But! Come November, I have big plans! For starters, a breath of fresh air into Cardigan Magazine. Expect a relaunch by December; I’m pretty excited for this, but won’t say too much more on the topic for now.

The other thing is, I cannot stop thinking of craft projects. 

And not just casual craft projects either… I want a drill.

So here is a list of projects I want to dabble in over the next year. Twelve projects for twelve months.

– A variety of garden pots
– Candle making
– Resin jewellery
– Felting
– Hat making
– Knitted clothing
– Crocheted clothing
– Make a piece of furniture!
– Screen printing
– Fabric stamping
– Wall art
– Embroidery

I’m really excited to try these projects out… now just to wait for uni to be done!

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