Monthly Archives: October 2012

Peachy Keen

Last night I had the really exciting opportunity to head along to the official launch of The Peach.

The Peach is something you should probably be getting excited about if you’re entirely over the garbage in most women’s magazines. That is, it’s all about real women who, get this, aren’t pressuring you to be anything other than the woman you already are.

As well as meeting a whole bunch of exciting people, including editor Amelia Grevis-James, I got to meet Phoebe from Lady Melbourne – the woman behind the first blog that I got into, when I was seventeen!

Iolanthe from Ruby Slipper was kind enough to get a happy snap for me!

After reading ALL of the articles on The Peach tonight, I’m super keen to keep up to date with what’s to come!!

Make, Do and Mend!!

Oh, hey. It’s been a while. My bad.

I have three weeks left of my Journalism degree, and it’s been pretty much taking up all my time.

But! Come November, I have big plans! For starters, a breath of fresh air into Cardigan Magazine. Expect a relaunch by December; I’m pretty excited for this, but won’t say too much more on the topic for now.

The other thing is, I cannot stop thinking of craft projects. 

And not just casual craft projects either… I want a drill.

So here is a list of projects I want to dabble in over the next year. Twelve projects for twelve months.

– A variety of garden pots
– Candle making
– Resin jewellery
– Felting
– Hat making
– Knitted clothing
– Crocheted clothing
– Make a piece of furniture!
– Screen printing
– Fabric stamping
– Wall art
– Embroidery

I’m really excited to try these projects out… now just to wait for uni to be done!