Monthly Archives: March 2012

Scrubby Dub Dub

The skin on my legs was feeling dry and flakey and yuck. So, I figured I would exfoliate them.

Instead of buying a ready made product, I figured I would go ahead and make my own. With two simple products, which, by the way, you may ALREADY HAVE IN YOUR HOUSE.

First, check your pantry. You need sugar. I bought raw sugar, because I wanted it nice and grainy.


Next, tip in some good old baby oil. Does anyone else love the smell of baby oil?


As much as baby oil smells nice, and sugar is tasty, don’t go eating this stuff. Baby oil ain’t for nomming.

Give this all a mixeroo, and away you go! Super easy, super cheap, sugar scrub!


Rub it in circles on the offending skin, then rinse it off! Make sure you rinse thoroughly; it IS oil you’re putting on your skin… Soft and silky is one thing… Greasy oil slick is another.


Walking on Gold

So last year, I bought a pair of shoes from like, Kmart or something, and this year, they were beginning to look a little tired.


So, inspired by this tutorial, I decided to give them a new lease on life.

But… Well… You may have noticed I am on a tight budget unashamedly cheap… I like a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. So if I could find an alternative to buying paint that I’d only use for this one project, I had a wonder of what I could use instead.

And, the natural conclusion I came to, of course, was nail polish.


Now, in the spirit of cheapness, for the love of the lemonade budget, use a cheap nail polish. I’m pretty sure this cost me all of a two dollar coin. Don’t go around putting OPI or Chanel or whatever on your Kmart shoes only use it on your pricey shoes, right? No, just use something cheap. Because what you do now, is just slop it on.

In the large blocks, I just slopped it on, loads of paint on the brush. But on the trims, where it needed to be a bit neater, I made sure there were no opportunities for drips.

A few coats later, and voila!


My cousin Hannah took these happy snaps for me. Cheers, cuz!


And now, I can match my shoes to my nail polish!!! Or, if I didn’t just get this lovely manicure done, I would!