Christmas Reading #2: Let It Snow

So I have this cousin, Hannah. She’s the youngest of all my family, and she is pretty Gosh Darn Cool.

The Hungry Kids of Hungary think she’s “rad”, and it’s possible you will too.

Here are a few things to know about Hannie:
– In the past twoish years we’ve become pretty good friends 🙂 🙂 🙂
– She’s a Hufflepuff, like me!
– She’s currently in France and we’re all looking forward to souvenirs her coming back!!
– She doesn’t reread books.

There are two exceptions to this last one. Harry Potter, because, well, it did take her a few years to get into (awkies), but we ARE related, right? And the other is Let It Snow.

Let me just put this in perspective. I lent it to her last Christmas, right? And I didn’t get it back until… July. And that’s only because I bought her her own copy for her birthday. Which, by the way, she found room for in her bag for France. (My Auntie just clarified, the ONLY book she took to France.)

It’s like the literary version of playing a song on repeat for seven months.

So what is it about Let It Snow that’s so… readable?

I think now is a good point to deal with the fact that we’ve got John Green, and we’ve got Maureen Johnson and we have Lauren Myracle all in one Christmastastic novel. That would be the first readability point.

The second is that we’ve got three separate, but interrelated stories. I love stories that connect like that. It’s like a
smaller scale Love, Actually but with teenagers.

My favourite of the three short stories is probably Maureen Johnson’s, The Jubilee Express, which is the first in the book.

Funnily enough, my second favourite is John Green’s A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle, which is the middle story, and then my third favourite is Lauren Myracle’s The Patron Saint of Pigs.

This book has Starbucks, trains, snow storms, teacup piglets, and other delights.

I’m really looking forward to crossing off having a White Christmas from my list, and being able to read Let It Snow AT Christmas, IN Starbucks, WHILE it’s snowing.

Until then, one out of three ain’t bad.


4 responses to “Christmas Reading #2: Let It Snow

  1. Let’s spend next Christmas in New York. I want to go there and see Rent in the winter so I can walk home through snow.

  2. you’re assuming that you’re returning to Australia next year.

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