Make Me Little Audrey

So, today I bought a scarf.

I know, I know. IT’S ALMOST SUMMER (believe me, I know!!! KEEN!). What am I doing buying a SCARF?

Well… It’s this scarf made by Melbourne brand, Make Me Iconic, and it’s just hit the shelves at Blackbird and Fox, and it’s the Skipping Girl (AKA Little Audrey), and well, I couldn’t resist.

I wore it like this today:

But it was kinda warm today, and I don’t especially love scarves in summer. So I got to thinking, how CAN I wear this lovely new scarf this summer?

And here are two ideas.

Let’s get up close and personal here, for a sec, guys. I had to take a picture of my chest. I hope this is as awkward for you as it was for me. But you’d miss out on the bow, otherwise.

Pretty bow!

And then the other way is a bit more business-y, but that all depends on the skirt.

How will you be wearing scarves like this this summer?

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