With Flowers in Her Hair

I love wearing flowers in my hair. It’s kind of fun.

So over the weekend, I made these flower combs.

It was super cheap and super easy, and I think it’d be a really easy fix for Spring Racing Carnival, or for brides / flower girls, or for those, like me, who just really like flowers in their hair.

I started with these two bunches of fake flowers which I bought for like two dollars each at Lincraft.

Then I popped all the flowers off the bunches and was left with this:

(Everyone does craft on their bed, right?)

So I also bought some hair combs / slides from the supermarket, and I found some silver thread and a needle which I had lying around.

I got my stab /stitch on, and went in and out of one flower, and then anchored it to the comb, one flower at a time.

I made two of them, so I could wear them two ways:

I think this second way would look especially cute on a little flowergirl at a spring wedding!

You could try all sorts of things like this for your Spring Racing look! Or attach a small veil, for an extra vintage touch!

Do you wear flowers in your hair? Will you try this out?

7 responses to “With Flowers in Her Hair

  1. Ally! I love your idea. It looks excellent and would be a great, cost effective, fascinator.

    Ps. We should plan to go out for dinner again soon!

  2. I love them!!! May keep those in mind if I decide on flowers. You always make me want to have just a little bit of your style and craftiness Ally!!!

  3. You know I love a Luna-esque vibe. 🙂

  4. I love you so much ally-pants!

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