What Did You Build With YOUR Lego, Then?

I like shoes. You probably like shoes, too; I mean, they stop you from stepping directly in glass and dog poop and who knows what else.

I also like pretty, impractical shoes. Like these ones I just made.

Why, yes, those are pieces of Lego super-glued to a pair of shoes that are, really, probably too tall for me. Yes, thanks for asking.

I got the inspiration from here, the shoes from Target and the Lego from toy shops. I had to buy more Lego than I expected, and Lego is EXPENSIVE these days! Did you realise that? And NO op-shops I went to had ANY. And my sister took the small amount of Lego we had as children. So this ended up being a pricier project than I anticipated.

But, it was worth it, if only for the compliments I got! Pretty much every second person on the street stopped me to tell me my shoes were cool. A lady in her seventies told me they were “awesome” and could she take a picture for her daughter?

5 responses to “What Did You Build With YOUR Lego, Then?

  1. Haha, I was wondering what you were buying all that lego for! How avant-garde of you 😀

  2. Love it ^-^

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