Om Nom Nom Apples

Last night, my friend Troy – who I’ve known for, oh you know, FOREVER – and I had a sleepover. There was Thai food. There was wine. There were 90s movies (and Wall-E, but I fell asleep :/). And there was dessert. Troy suggested a chocolate bavarian from his freezer, but I’m trialling a dairy-free  diet, because I keep getting tummy aches when I have it… So there  were POACHED APPLES.

First, we posed in the kitchen. It’s a necessary step for these poached apples. Pose a bit.

(Troy’s wearing a coffee bean on his necklace. I have a matching one on a charm bracelet because he gave it to me for my 18th birthday. It’s from a coffee shop we went to MOST MONDAY AFTERNOONS in Year Twelve 🙂 )

So then I got some apples, and peeled them. MEANWHILE, Troy put some water, a splash of vanilla essence, some cinnamon, some honey and some sultanas in a saucepan. (EXACT MEASUREMENTS, DUH.)

Then we brought the saucepan stuff to a simmer, and gently popped the apples in. And let it simmer some more while we watched some Muriel’s Wedding.

Then we served it with some pineapple rings because we thought it would be nice (it was), and went back to the couch.

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