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Om Nom Nom Apples

Last night, my friend Troy – who I’ve known for, oh you know, FOREVER – and I had a sleepover. There was Thai food. There was wine. There were 90s movies (and Wall-E, but I fell asleep :/). And there was dessert. Troy suggested a chocolate bavarian from his freezer, but I’m trialling a dairy-free  diet, because I keep getting tummy aches when I have it… So there  were POACHED APPLES. Continue reading


I’ve had a list of things to do before I die since 2008. I’ve been crossing things off, pretty slowly (in fact, I’m quite sure I’ve ADDED more things than I’ve COMPLETED), I guess, but on the other hand, I don’t plan on dying any time soon.

In the past month or two, though, I’ve crossed off TWO WHOLE THINGS, and it’s EXCITING! Wanna hear the list, and one of the things I got to cross off YESTERDAY?

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