So I was chatting to my buddy Tim the other night, and he was telling me about a project he kept last year, where he tweeted any lies he told. Like, EVERY LIE  he told. And now he’s going to do it again, for like, a few months or something. He wasn’t too clear on how long 😛

Three rules:
– It doesn’t count if you don’t know it’s a lie.
– It doesn’t count if you tell the truth within a half hour of telling the lie.
– It doesn’t count if it’s sarcasm.

AND! As of Tim’s 20th birthday (TOMORROW!), he will tweeting his every lie, once again. Exciting, no? This is what he had to say about it:

“I swear to tweet each lie I tell whether it’s a whisper or a yell. I tell the truth as all should do. But which truth do I tell to who?
“At the start of the year it was quite mad. I had about 50 lies in 50 days or something. But as I continued to do it, I just stopped lying. after a while. I’d rather tell the full truth than be bothered getting my phone out to tweet.
“And two things happened: I got closer with my close friends, and people that had always made out they were my friends hated me.

“They didn’t know why I was being brutally honest. But they preferred it when I told them what they wanted to hear instead of the truth.

 “[The girl I’d been going out with for three weeks] would ask “do you love me?”… and I’d respond with “yes.. mostly”.
“Later on it was “I love you”, but it meant a lot more to her then. Because I always told the truth.”
So that’s Tim and his tweeting of lies. And you should go follow him on Twitter @LogicalSky, and go see his lies, and wish him a happy 20th birthday!!!
Would you be able to tweet all your lies? How much do you even lie?

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