We all know what time of year it is. It’s procrastination assignment and exam time! Sleep? Who needs that?! You can sleep when the semester’s over.

But you still need to eat. And what better way to procrastinate take a study break than to cook something you’ll get to eat? Bonus points for comfort foods.

So here’s a one of my favourite comfort foods, which is quick and easy to make. Perfect for either needing food RIGHT NOW, or if you are ACTUALLY WORKING and don’t have time to spare not writing essays.

Okay, let’s makeΒ dessert. Of course, you can eat it as a snack, or a main, orΒ  as breakfast, I’m not going to judge. And if you end up eating this at 3am, well, it’s probably not classified as a meal anyway.

(please note, make sure you use EXACT measurements. It’s um, super important, and stuff. Seriously.)

Three Minute Chocolate Cake

This is also known as The Most Dangerous Chocolate Cake in the World, becuase now, chocolate cake is never more than five minutes away.


Take a LARGE mug (I usually use a soup mug, but have used a bowl here, because that was what my buddy Hanny had), and put in four tablespoons of flour, four tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of cocoa (if you’re using choc chips, put them in now too. Always add your choc chips / M’n’Ms / berries / whatever with your dry ingrediants, because they get coated in flour and DON’T SINK TO THE BOTTOM! Life lesson there, kids).

Mix in five tablespoons of milk (your favourite kind! Hannah had soy milk! Mm-mmm!), and three of vegetable oilΒ  (today I used olive oil, again because it was Hannah’s kitchen, but it still turned out tasty!).
Add a splash of vanilla (Hannah didn’t have vanilla. I almost cried. Try not to forget the vanilla, it makes a surprisingly large difference when it’s missing), and mix, mix, mix, mix!!!

Looks gross, tastes omnomnom!

Pop it in the microwave for 2minutes45 to 3minutes, and serve straight away.
The recipe used to call for three tablespoons each of milk and oil, and an egg. You could still do this, I guess, but I found that my way is less rubbery, and a little more puddingy. You could also add choc chips or M’n’Ms (Hannah and I totes did. It was brilliant.), but only if you have them.

It didn't flip out so well... just eat it from the bowl πŸ˜‰

Enjoy, and happy studying!

(PS, I originally wrote this post at the end of last semester… and put off taking photos… dedication to the procrastination cause?)

13 responses to “Procrastibaking

  1. Mmmmmmm My favourite pick me up. Always a must during stressful times. I must go buy some ingredients. Going to try it this way as well as I usually do the egg way and agree with the rubberiness.

  2. procrastibaking win!
    My favourite (and my housemates’ favourite) procrastination baking is brownies. this is the recipe i use πŸ™‚
    beat 200g castor sugar with 125g butter. add 1tsp vanilla essence, and 2 eggs.
    Fold 85g plain flour and 2 tbs cocoa in to the butter/sugar/egg mixture.
    While you’re doing that you also need to melt 120g of dark chocolate, which you then stir through the mixture. For extra noms, chop up some white chocolate and stir the chunks through.
    bake the whole thing in a moderate oven for 20-25 minutes or until cooked πŸ™‚
    good luck with exams everyone!

  3. I love EVERYTHiNG about this!!

  4. Tehehehe!! I knew this was going to be a good blog simply by the title “Procrastibaking” tehehe.

    Also, it WAS delicious, vanilla essence or not. Finally, have you noticed that I come across as a bit of a hippy? Soy milk…olive oil…

    Either way, studying or baking, or having your friends bake for you, with friends is better than studying by yourself!

  5. This sounds perfect! I’m house sitting at the moment … I hope she had cocoa in the cupboard cos I wanna make this now!!

    Oh, and I’m the queen of procrastination – I often move towards the kitchen when I really should be doing some else. Oh well, make for good blog fodder πŸ™‚

  6. That would have to be my favourite cake!! YUMMM!! Hope you’ll be posting that recipe πŸ™‚
    I’m sure you’ll do great with your exam! I believe tea cake can bring nothing but good luck! πŸ˜‰

  7. Thanks for this, I’l definitely give it a go! πŸ™‚

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