Your Royal Flyness, I Dig Your Bangs!

Last week, I looked like this:

But on Sunday night, I got to thinking… I kind of like fringes. And what if I just… you know… got my scissors and… SNIPPED?!

Turns out THIS is what would happen:

This isn’t the first time I’ve cut my own fringe. Every few months I get bored, and the fringe is an easy way to change a hairstyle! I’ll probably end up trimming this once or twice, and then decide to grow my fringe out again!

Do you ever cut your own hair?

4 responses to “Your Royal Flyness, I Dig Your Bangs!

  1. I like it Ally!!! It suits you. But I don’t think i’d cut my own hair. 🙂

  2. This fringe really suits you – it has a great retro look. I enjoyed the humour of you interspersing the images of before and after with a shot of the snippings!
    I hate having my hair cut (I think I must have some sort of Samson thing going on).

    • Thanks, Roz!
      I love having my hair cut, but I AM trying to grow it out… I sometimes get bored of my hair, and get it chopped, so I’m glad the fringe sated that, and saved me from losing all my hard work!
      I think your hair looks brilliant as it is! When was the last time you did have it done?

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