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Haiku Every Day in June

Okay. So. You all saw me fail at Blog Every Day in April. Let’s move on. It’s time to get excited for HAIKU EVERY DAY IN JUNE!! Wew wew wew wew wew!!!!

Haiku Every Day in June is something I began in 2009, whereby I write a haiku every day in June.

Really, you should probably get the idea of it; it’s rather self-explanatory…

Will YOU join me in my quest to write a haiku every day in June? It’s really much easier than it looks. You need five syllables, then seven, and then five. HOORAY HAIKU FUN!


So I was chatting to my buddy Tim the other night, and he was telling me about a project he kept last year, where he tweeted any lies he told. Like, EVERY LIE  he told. And now he’s going to do it again, for like, a few months or something. He wasn’t too clear on how long 😛

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We all know what time of year it is. It’s procrastination assignment and exam time! Sleep? Who needs that?! You can sleep when the semester’s over.

But you still need to eat. And what better way to procrastinate take a study break than to cook something you’ll get to eat? Bonus points for comfort foods.

So here’s a one of my favourite comfort foods, which is quick and easy to make. Perfect for either needing food RIGHT NOW, or if you are ACTUALLY WORKING and don’t have time to spare not writing essays.

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Your Royal Flyness, I Dig Your Bangs!

Last week, I looked like this:

But on Sunday night, I got to thinking… I kind of like fringes. And what if I just… you know… got my scissors and… SNIPPED?!
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