BEDA7: Well… somewhere in the world.

I’m sorry. I am a horrible, horrible perosn.

I promised to blog Every Day in April. And I didn’t blog at all yesterday.

The good news IS: it is still April 7th somewhere in the world πŸ˜‰

Instead of blogging yesterday, I went to Parliament with my fellow journalism students. I HOPE TO NEVER HAVE TO DO THAT AGAIN. People so rude to each other should not be allowed to argue in such a pretty building. Seriously, they acted like they were still in Year Nine. AND THEY MAKE DECISIONS ON YOUR BEHALF.

And then my friends andΒ I sat in the park and ate chocolate and talked about celebrities. And then we went music shopping. I bought a 2CD collection of a selection of Billie Holiday’s music. Nice!

And then, last night, my parents were watching MTV. It was weird.

I’ll blog again later πŸ˜›

4 responses to “BEDA7: Well… somewhere in the world.

  1. What do you mean, they make decisions on our behalf? We voted for them to do it. Actually, not me because Australia kicked me off the electoral rolls. If it helps, the US govt can’t decide on a budget and the whole govt shuts down in a few hours. Kind of like everyone being put in a big time out.

    That said, it’s still Thursday in Seattle. You’re not late.

    • Thank goodness for Americans like you, Bianca, in your later timezone πŸ˜›

      We get them there, but they’re the ones who sit there and argue like fourteen year olds all day. And are meant to make important decisions.

  2. This alien says, you’re welcome.

    Maybe they’re even younger. The Member of Parliament who had their office at our King St building had toddlers’ toys in the office.

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