BEDA6: Ten Songs… to Laugh / Sing / Get Your Jig On to

As promised yesterday, here is a list of songs to laugh and sing and get your jig on to!

Today was a GORGEOUS day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, I went really well at a job interview (Wish me luck! I find out Friday! To quote Faux Fuscia, fingers and toes, people).

While it doesn’t make the list, I had “It’s a Good Day” by Peggy Lee in my head THE WHOLE DAY. And it was awesome.

Here we go:

1. “Chelsea Dagger” – The Fratellis
I had a hard time choosing which Fratellis song to put on the list. I love singing along and making a fool of myself to their music. You should too.

2. “Coca Cola” – Little Red
This song puts me in a good mood. Also, sexgod voice in this track 🙂

3. “Dancing Through Life” – from Wicked
Just a little reminder that not everything has to be taken seriously.

4. “Denis” – Blondie
I love this song 🙂 I think it has to do with the “doopeedoo”s. Here’s a good cover, too, which, incidentally, is where I first heard this song.

5. “I’m Henry the Eighth, I Am” – Herman’s Hermits
LOL. I just like this song. Take a listen. You will too. Like the Fratellis, I had a hard time choosing which Herman’s Hermits song to put on the list. So just like, go listen to all of them, or something. I bought more than 50 Herman’s Hermits songs on iTunes for about $10? Go see if you can too! Also, what a cutie was the lead singer?

6. “I’ve Got Nothing” – ChartJackers
This song was WRITTEN BY THE INTERNET. Read the information below the video. Also, it’s intentional super-cheesyness of the song is super-catchy and fun to dance to

7. “La Femma Chocolat” – Olivia Ruiz
This is a French song about a woman who eats lots of chocolate. Please watch the video, it’s a bit (of a lot) funny.

8. “My Girl” – the Temptations
This is one of the songs that, no matter what, can always make me smile, even just a liiiiitlte bit. I adore it.

9. “Word Disassociation” – Lemon Demon
I also had a little trouble picking which Lemon Demon song to include, but I guess in the end, Word Disassociation had to win, because what’s better than a song of random words? It’s on my list of things to do before I die to learn all the words. I can do the first few verses 🙂

10. “Never Been In Love” – Ben Abraham
You didn’t think I’d do a Ten Songs… list without a little Ben Abraham (or as my friends have now christened him, “Baberaham”), now did you? Listen. Sing. Laugh. Jig. LOVE IT.

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