BEDA5: 10 Songs… to Shed a Little Tear to

Sad songs. Just go with it, kay? Sometimes, you just need a little time to be teary.

1. “Time Has Changed Us All” – Ben Abraham
Yep, mandatory Ben Abraham song. Things sometimes change, and sometimes it sucks, but you have to deal with it. Okay.

2. “Stairwell” – Julia Nunes
This song just makes me cry. Nothing else to say. Except for listen to the album version, if you get a chance. SO MUCH PAIN.

3. “Candy Hearts” – Topher Brown
A small theme here in some of the song choices is knowing when to move on. And this is one of them. Suitably, both voices in this song – Topher Brown (whose MySpace, back in the day, kept getting deleted because it was about the time that Chris Brown was making a name for himself, haha), and the mystery girl – are as sweet as candy.

4. “Chanson Triste” – Carla Bruni
Eet’s French for yoghurt! “Sad Song”. I don’t know what all the words are, but it sure is sad.

5. “Don’t Smoke in Bed” – Peggy Lee
A goodbye note from a woman to her husband. Leaving her wedding ring. Reminding hm not to smoke in bed. What’s sadder?

6.”Something Else” – Timothy Carroll
Another moving on song. This one just gets me at how sad it all is, even though it’s completely mutual. They’re so much a part of each others’ life, and now they have to remember how to live without one another.

7. “Let Me Take You There” – Plain White T’s
I debated a bit before putting this on the list… essentially it’s a song about running away together… but it’s also just kind of running away. And, it made me cry, so did it’s job 😛

8. “Years May Come, Years May Go” – Herman’s Hermits
What’s happened has happened. Some years are good, some are bad, but you can’t change what’s done. And be glad for the good times. Good message, still made me tear 😛

9. “Big and Small” – Sui Zhen
I felt a bit like this this morning. “Here in theory”, and “just a few things on my mind”.

10. “Holding On” – Alex Day
Listen to this song. Also, I could bake a chocolate cake for you with tiers up to the moon.I’ve always loved this lyric. Also, I HAVE HAD SO MUCH CAKE AND CHOCOLATE IN THE PAST 24 HOURS. If I have much more, I will be AS BIG AS THE MOON, hehe. (PS, I know this song better as the acoustic demo-quality version. Don’t tell anyone, but I prefer it.

To counter this list of crying songs, tomorrow will be a list of ten songs to laugh / sing / get your jig on to, deal?

3 responses to “BEDA5: 10 Songs… to Shed a Little Tear to

  1. Ive got a few. Make you feel my love by Adele

    You could be happy-Snow Patrol. The saddest song ever (particularly if youve had a bad break up)

    ANY Damien Rice song. 9 Crimes would probably be number one, but Delicate is another tear jerker.

  2. I had to look these up, but you’re right. Tres sad 😦
    Actually, I remember the Snow Patrol one, but I wouldn’t’ve off the top of my head.

    Did shed a little tear 😛

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