BEDA*1: Henna, and What the Eff is BEDA?

Right now, I have henna in my hair (and on my neck, and on my top), and I am waiting for it to dry so I can go rinse it.

I collected everything I needed: the henna powder, the gloves (do NOT forget these… it comes out of skin soon enough (although it does look a little like a really bad fake tan job for a few days), but when I wasn’t able to use gloves last month, I dyed my nails, too. They’ve grown out a bit, but my nails are still half orange.), the hot water, the container and the spoon.

I followed the instructions on the packet and off I went! Henna smells sort of like a mix between grass, tea, and a guinea pig cage, and it’s got a bit of a gritty texture, and I can’t comb it through when I’m applying it. It’s messy and unpleasant, but it’s CHEAP (at least the stuff I got). This container cost me about $AU11, and last me two colours. To put this in perspective, it usually costs me around about $AU80 to get my hair coloured professionally (I think that doesn’t include a cut, even?). A few months ago, I used a packet mix from the chemist, but because I have rather thick hair, I needed two packets, at $20 each… Both of those would usually** last about 6 weeks of a strong colour, and fades to a colour I’m usually pretty happy with.

But if I can get a result I am equally happy with, without yucky chemicals, for a lot less money, well, that’s what I’m going to go with!!

A “before” picture:

But no “after”… wait til tomorrow!

Have you ever tried henna? Would you?

*In 2009, Maureen Johnson initiated Blog / Vlog Every Day in April, or BEDA/ VEDA, which is exactly what it sounds like. I have yet to participate, though it is what inspired me to do my own, Haiku Every Day in June (JUST YOU WAIT!).

But guess what? IT’S APRIL, and by goodness, I am going to blog every day!

** I say usually, because I when I did the packet colour, the dye wouldn’t take ($40 down the drain…)  because of the silicon in my shampoo (quite possibly in yours too!). As a result of this, I’ve been taking more control of what I put in my hair, by putting a tablespoon of this into a cup of water, and putting it in a little bottle. I experimented with mixing herbs etc in as well, but it made a gross buildup in my brush, so now it’s just the soap and water 🙂 I was going to make a seperate blog post about this, but it’s pretty much been summed up haha.

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