I seem to be a magnet to situations where I do something, and can’t tell if the other person is telling me, passive-agressively, that I’m being rude.

F’rinstance: I was walking behind these two ladies, and happened to cough. One of those throat clearing, quiet sort of coughs. “Hem hem”, you know? And one of the ladies turned to look at me, and told me – ever so politely – to pass them, as I must be busier and in a rush. I muttered something like, “Oh, no, no”, but passed anyway.

And then to try to look like I hadn’t coughed out of annoyance of their slow walking (they weren’t walking slow), I faked a coughing fit as I passed.

As well as this, sometimes I say things on the Internet, which are (incorrectly)  interpreted as passive-aggressive attacks on people, which in turn are met by further passive-agressive attacks. Oops!

Do you have any experiences with passive-agressive people?


One response to “Hem-hem

  1. hahahahaha. hem hem. i deal with passive aggressive people on a daily basis. it might be more socially acceptable but i would much rather people yelled so that you could know whats on their mind.
    so, in conclusion, you definitely hurt these ladies feelings.

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