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I seem to be a magnet to situations where I do something, and can’t tell if the other person is telling me, passive-agressively, that I’m being rude.

F’rinstance: I was walking behind these two ladies, and happened to cough. One of those throat clearing, quiet sort of coughs. “Hem hem”, you know? And one of the ladies turned to look at me, and told me – ever so politely – to pass them, as I must be busier and in a rush. I muttered something like, “Oh, no, no”, but passed anyway.

And then to try to look like I hadn’t coughed out of annoyance of their slow walking (they weren’t walking slow), I faked a coughing fit as I passed.

As well as this, sometimes I say things on the Internet, which are (incorrectly)  interpreted as passive-aggressive attacks on people, which in turn are met by further passive-agressive attacks. Oops!

Do you have any experiences with passive-agressive people?

The Dining Room Proudly Presents… Your Dinner

So this is what I had for dinner last night, in case you were wondering. Are you jealous? You should be.

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Elizabeth Taylor

I assume if you’re reading this, you know that Elizabeth Taylor has died. But that won’t stop us appreciating what a beautiful woman she was!

Can you believe she was SIXTEEN when this photo was taken?Can you imagine being that elegant when you were sixteen? I don’t know about you… but I don’t think I’ve ever felt as elegant as she looks here!

What does your eyebrow maintenance consist of? I used to jusst have mine waxed, but I’ve taken to filling them in a little with brown eyeliner recently. Don’t be afraid of bold eyebrows! Be inspired by Ms Taylor’s!

You know, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any of her films… if I can get my hands on them (all borrowed out, probably?), I’ll definately be renting some out this weekend!

Granny Squares: Not Just for Grannies, and Not Just for Squares.

Oops, looks like I forgot to post for… far too long. SORRY!

I’ve been making granny squares, though, if you’ve been wondering. I haven’t made very many yet, and they aren’t all the same size (despite the fact most of them are meant to be), but I’m LEARNING, which is the important part. One day I’ll be able to make a rug of granny squares. Hopefully before I am, indeed, a granny.

I’ve been making little ones, but tonight I tried making a bigger one. I think I like it better. How about you?

I had my lovely boyfriend’s lovely mother teach me how to make granny squares, but if you were wondering how to do it yourself, I believe Pip has a great set of tutorials!

Keep your knees warm this winter!!

Thou Shalt Endevour to Always Wear Red Lipstick

Today I became a graduate of the Lindy Charm School for Girls. By which I mean I went to a vintage hair and makeup workshop at Bell’s Belles Vintage shop.

Like the AWESOME blogger I am, I forgot my camera. Nice one. So you’ll just have to believe me when I say these photos taken in my bedroom are the result of the tutelage of Miss Chrissy and Miss Kim. [Edit, this PHOTO (singular). I have lost the knack of a good self portrait :P]

We learnt about setting hair, doing makeup, foundation garments, and some of the philosophy behind why the ladies of yesteryear wore their hair and makeup this way, etc.

I had a lovely time, though perhaps didn’t learn quite as much as I’d hoped – I already pincurl my hair, and the makeup we did is what I do every day! Regardless, it was a lovely atmosphere, and the misses were delightful!

Speaking of vintage hair, I’ve been thinking for a while of doing a pincurl tutorial here… there are plenty of them if you search online, but I think they’re a great way of curling hair even if you’re going a modern look. Thoughts?