Fold Your Own Bracelet!

So yesterday I was browsing through my “starred” list in my Google Reader, because I realised I click the little star, thinkning I’ll want to read it again, or try to recreate the dress from the picture, or bake that cake or whatever. But really what I’ve been doing is exiling it to the starred items. And not looking at it for a YEAR.

So now I’ve gone through, unstarred some things, and then what I’ve wanted to keep, I’ve actually TAGGED, so I can find it, or be inspired easier. Yay!

But how this interests you IS, I found a post about a DIY bracelet, made from printouts. It’s by Goncalo Campos, and YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF.

Excellent, I thought. I’ll just whip this up, do a quick little blog posty-post, and everyone will be happy.

BUT, it was actually pretty hard to find the actual download. You would think that a designer would have an easy-to-navigate website, but it took me FOREVER to find the download. It wasn’t easy to Google either; no matter what keywords I tried, I only came up with one write-up, on different sites (this is what we call Lazy Journalism, people. Plagarism? Or is it straight from the press release?). (etc, etc, with the links lol)

FINALLY, I found the download, and got to work cutting, folding and glueing my bracelet. It came together really easily, I only had difficulty with the LAST little bit; how do I glue the last flap without crushing it?

I managed, in the end, and though it’s not perfect, I have a bracelet. Yay! It’s a bit chunky for my liking, though, and weirdly fragile for something as bulky as it is. Admittedly, it recommends using thicker paper, and I just used what was in the printer, so maybe actually DOING WHAT IT SAYS could help?

The other problem I had was that it was kind of a small hole; it was difficult to get my hand in properly. And I have pretty small wrists.

 But you know what? IT’S FREE. IT’S MADE OUT OF PAPER. YOU CAN RECYCLE IT IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT. Why NOT give it a try?

HERE are the downloads for your CONVENIENCE. Yay! You can make it plain, or stripey!

(I can’t find my camera, excuse the lack of original photos. The photos are taken from

2 responses to “Fold Your Own Bracelet!

  1. Hum, so you know when I told you I was printing this off -right now-? The printer ran out of ink halfway through the first page, and I haven’t had a chance to replace any of the ink cartridges yet. But when I do, I’ll give this a go. (Unless I forget, in which case you might need to remind me^^)

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