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Normal Schedule Will Resume Shortly…

So I got back from the First Overseas Trip the other week, and I keep meaning to post! But after not blogging for so long, I can’t think of anything to say!!

At the moment, I’m doing a crazy bit of research on natural hair treatments, because a few weeks before I left, my hairdresser friend and I tried to dye my hair. And the dye Did Not Take.

We realised it was because the shampoo I was using (Herbal Essences) has silicone in it, which coats the strand of hair, making it shiny and less tangly, and other lovely things, but it also means that they dye can’t stick to the hair.

Obviously, what I need to do before trying to dye my hair again is to swap hair products. But how was I to know which shampoos and conditioners are silicone-free? And come to think of it, how do I know what else in what I wash my hair with?

So this morning, I made some shampoo at home. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ve also been looking at natural ways to DYE my hair. I’m contemplating henna, as well as rinsing my hair fifteen times with really strong black coffee, then letting it sit for twenty minutes. Then doing that every day for a fortnight. And then once a week after that. That’s not tooooo much effort, right? Hahaha, I’ll keep you posted.

Anyway, I’ll try to be more consistent with posts from now on! No more excuses, right? Now to only think of some content…

You Nerdburger, You!

I have a friend named Benjamin. And Ben is a nerdburger.

Ben is such a nerdburger, he made a shirt to tell EVERYONE that he is a nerdburger.

And you should wear this shirt too (if, indeed, you are also a nerdburger) (which, of course, is a good thing).

BUT, if you want to see this shirt actually printed, you should go vote for it on Threadless! And let Ben share his nerdburgerness with the world.