Fifty Things of 2010

So every year, I write a list of fifty things — highlights, fun things, milestones — that I’ve done the past two year. When I say “every year”, I mean the past two years, and you can see them here and here, on the blog I kept before I lost interest (ramblings of a highschool girl, haha. Quite a lot of stuff about NaNoWriMo, though, and Haiku Every Day in June).

I’ve actually had a really excellent year this year. That’s not to say that there hasn’t been things that might have gone better, or ended less than ideal, but whether because of the company I keep, or the relativity of whatever, it’s been a Good Year.

So without further ado,  here we go:

1. First relationship 🙂 Pat, you are probably ARE DEFINATELY the reason I’ve had such a good year 🙂 Thankyou 🙂
2. Made friends with some beautiful people who I feel like I’ve known for fifty million years, and hope to know for fifty million more. Of course, I met these friends when we all…
3. … Studyed journalism at university
4. Had a minormajor… LIFE-THREATENING surgery on my toe
5. Crossed two things off my list: shopping with Alana in Watergardens, and eating broccoflower and cheese, also with Alana.  
6. Played Scrabble at Saffs
7. Saw Ben Abraham play multiple times around Melbourne
8. Saw Mamma Mia with Hannah
9. Ate Ben and Jerry’s with Rhi and Pat
10. Went to the Titanic Exhibition with Pat
11. Continued working at the Bakehouse (three and a half years!)
12. Interviewed Lee Kernaghan in the first half hour of work experience at the local paper
13. Volunteered at my sister’s school for a week
14. Fell in love with How I Met Your Mother
15. Saw Toy Story 3 at the movies with Pat
16. Saw Rod Quantock’s show, Bugger the Polar Bears, This is Serious, in Maldon, after interviewing HIM for the local paper
17. Went to a first birthday party and a 21st birthday party on the same day
18. Arranged to FINALLY get my learner’s permit, before realising late the night before that I would need a birth CERTIFICATE, not a birth EXTRACT
19. Went to an election party (and voted for the first time)
20. Planned twice to go to Queensland and didn’t (SORRY, BEN AND CHRIS!!!)
21. Began wearing high heels regularly
22. Planned to go to Indonesia, but couldn’t
23. Gone to Indonesia (… I hope. I’m actually writing up this list before I leave (tricksy!). But if everything DOES go to plan this time, I’ll be in Indonesia tomorrow!)
24.Turned nineteen
25. Survived ridiculously long and tiring Thursdays
26. Not felt properly dressed without lipstick, preferrably red
27. Started this blog, for a uni assignment
28. Loved Glee
29. Absolutely ADORED Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn
30. Failed NaNoWriMo (or didn’t really try… still a failure, regardless)
31. Developed a Starbys addiction
32. Missed a lot of people for a lot of time
33. Caught many trains
34. Met Melina Marchetta
35. Saw Inception, with Pat
36. Tried really, really hard to read Lord of the Rings
37. Had about fifty million colds
38. Saw Dear John, with Alana
39. Facebooked during lectures
40. Watched too much tacky TV… What Not to Wear… Toddlers and Tiaras… Four Weddings… and loved every minute of it
41. Tried to make bagels in the middle of the night with Troy, after a few drinks
42. Saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One with ReyRey and her sister Gul 🙂 In Sunshine :S At midnight :S :S 🙂
43. … and actually enjoyed it.
44. Played with Lego for an entire afternoon, for Pat’s 19th birthday (girls’ castle totally bet the boys’).
45. Worried for a whole afternoon that an assignment that I’d put LOADS of effort into had only got 31%… and then found out it was actually 85%
46. TRIED (and failed) to make musk sticks
47. Got a new phone, after the Motorolla RAZR I’d previously thought indestructable died
48. Played Magic cards
49. Brought in 2010 sounding WW2 air raid sirens in Maldon
50. Celebrated my tenth anniversary of not vomiting!

2 responses to “Fifty Things of 2010

  1. I personally LOVE numbers: 2, 31, 42, 43(you see, sunshine ain’t so bad… Kind of.. Some times haha.) and 50 😀

  2. I forgot about the air raid sirens….ah what a way to start such a fantastic year 😛 Also drunk bagels lol

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