So the other day, I was making chips, and I thought, “Do I want aioli with these chips? Or guacamole?” And then I hit my forehead and realised the answer was simple. I would make BOTH. And the result was delicious.

So I made some more today, and took some photos, and had a delicious lunch with homemade chips, guacamaioli (a term I may have just coined? A quick Google search brought up avacado aiolis, but nothing for “guacamaioli” itself), andΒ a tomato, cherry and mint salad.

Keep reading for the recipes!

So first off, I started with the chips. Prepare your potatoes however you please – wash them, peel them, whatever takes your fancy. Then cut them into slices about half a centimetre thick. You don’t have to be too accurate, and of course, if you prefer thinner chips, cut them thinner. If you prefer thicker ones, cut them thicker.

Toss them around in some olive oil, and chuck them on a baking tray (with baking paper to make the washing up easier!), then pop them in the oven. I think I had it on at about 200 degrees Celsius? Leave them to cook while you make the rest of lunch.

Mash up about half an avocado, a good squeeze of mayonnaise, a crushed clove of garlic, and as much sweet chilli sauce as your taste buds enjoy.

So now that’s all mixed up, move on to the salad.

Dice up a tomato, and a couple of cherries (I literally saw them in the fridge, and wondered what they’d taste like in a salad, haha). Rip up a few mint leaves (mine came from my very own mint plant!!), and mix them all together.

When the potatoes are a nice golden brown, pull them out of the oven, salt and pepper to taste, and it’s lunch time!


(PS – it’s a lot more appealing than the colour that came up in the photo :P)

6 responses to “Guacamaioli!

  1. Amazing!! So trying that one soon!

  2. Ummm your guacamoli looks so creamy and delicious. Your version is so simple and flavourful. I can’t wait to try this.

  3. Ah now I understand the Guacamaioli!

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