Mummy’s Scissors

Mummy’s Scissors is “A Blogging Experiment in Viral, DIY Style, started by Roz of Clothes, Cameras and Coffee.

As she said in her original post,

What? (the product)
‘Mummy’s scissors’ is an outsize, statement pendant, designed by me last year, from recycled materials: mini scissors ‘mummified’ in tiny silk bandages.

What? (The ‘campaign’!)
This is a DIY, make-your-own, wear or give away ‘product’. I’d like to see if it’s possible to ‘market’ the concept of an unusual but easy to make piece of jewellery that is made and worn, but NOT sold.”

So this is my scissor mummy. Again, excuse my poor photography; I used my webcam this time… probably won’t again, haha!! I probably need to invest in a new camera at some point!

I didn’t have any more ribbon, or a chain, so I just looped my scissors on to some beads. I think it adds to the look!

Will you make some for yourself? Or is this the perfect Christmas present for someone you know?

Let me know if you make some yourself!!!

4 responses to “Mummy’s Scissors

  1. Thank you so much for contributing to the ‘mummy’s scissors’ project! I like the addition of looping them on beads instead of ribbon… I’ve added you to the list of blogs involved.

  2. They look cute in a David-Lynch-Movie kinda’ way. I couldn’t do this though- I know for a fact I would have some sort of tremendously unfortunate accident and impale myself or severe someone else’s ear. Or something.

    • I had to Google David Lynch to get that reference (and I still don’t really get it, but I DID see PART of Blue Velvet, once…), but yay? haha.
      I’ve got to admit… I actually use these scissors. So once I’d worn them once, I unravelled them 😛 I’d be afraid of stabbity-stabbity, too 😛

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