Have you heard… Darren Criss?

Are you a Harry Pothead? Are you a Gleek? Guess what. I’M BOTH. And if you are, too, you’ve probably heard of Darren Criss, AKA Harry from A Very Potter Musical (AND SEQUEL!), AKA the new guy on Glee!

But if you HAVEN’T… get ready.

Where to start? Okay, let’s begin your Darren Criss journey the same way I started mine. A Very Potter Musical.

You’ll want to make sure you haven’t used up all your internet downloads, and also that you’ve got a few hours spare. Because AVPM is BRILLIANT. And I’m not even just saying that because I’m a Potter fan. I know people who’d never even read the books, or seen the movies, and they STILL loved AVPM (and were then, of course, inspired to read the books). Darren, of course, plays Harry Freaking Potter, our favourite singing wizard, but he ALSO co-wrote the music and lyrics! Talent!

Next stop? Darren’s Disney covers. That’s right, DISNEY COVERS. They can be found here. If you don’t appreciate old school Disney musicals, then you don’t appreciate this blog. Seriously. Disney. Darren Criss, singing Disney.

Okay, okay. So we’ve seen Darren as Harry Potter. We’ve seen Darren covering our childhood. So what about something else?

And now for something fun:

I hope you love Darren Criss as much as I do!!! Go buy his EP on iTunes, and stay tuned to Glee – he’s been cast as a regular character!!!

5 responses to “Have you heard… Darren Criss?

  1. Very well said!!

  2. I love the mashup! Hadn’t seen that! I really really need to watch the Glee episode – I have it recorded, just haven’t gotten to watching it šŸ˜¦

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