Monthly Archives: October 2010

TEN SONGS… to get your summer on to

SUMMER’S COMING! Get excited! I’m excited! Are you excited?

We’ve got some warm weather going on down here in Melbourne (though, you know, it is CURRENTLY raining… ), and I’ve probably been a little too excited about the fact that I can wear dresses and skirts without leggings or tights.

BUT, what all this means is that you need, a) to get ready for an overload of summery posts here, and b) to listen to some summery songs!

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Kettle’s on…

Hello, come on in. Pop on your comfy clothes, make a cup of tea and settle into your doona. You are now reading Cardigan Magazine for the very first time.

Okay, so maybe you’ve not got your doona, because you’re stuck at your desk (or maybe you do, we don’t judge here). Maybe you’re in a lecture, or in class (in fact, I am writing this very post in a Digital Literacies class (Hi, Tony)).

But I digress. Sit back, enjoy, welcome to Cardigan. Even if you are at work, or at school, or on the train, we’ll make you feel cosy and warm.