Broken Glasses, Broken Heart

My sunglasses broke today. And that broke my heart.

I bought these last summer from Sportsgirl, I think, for about $20.

They might not seem too valuable, but I tried on so many pairs of sunnies before I found these. The rest were too big, or too small on my face, but these were perfect.

And these little birds! How cute?!

But, alas, they are no more. What have you broken that’s broken your heart?


2 responses to “Broken Glasses, Broken Heart

  1. Dear me! Sorry for your loss.. good sunglasses that also look good when they’re upon one’s face certainly are hard to come by 😦
    On my way to Aida one of the pocket flaps on my suit fell off – but by the time I noticed it was nowhere to be seen. Now my suit looks asymmetrical, and that breaks my heart </3

  2. How does a pocket flap fall off? Could you fix it?

    I’m sorry for your loss.

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