Karma Karma Karma Charmeleon

This is just a quick post about karma. Do you believe in it?

I mentioned a few posts back about my friends and I are going to have a summery Grown Up Barbeque. Since we decided this, the four friends (who all live in one Big Happy Fun House) have been looking for a barbeque. They’d looked on eBay, in the Trading Post, and in bargain stores, but hadn’t committed to anything.

And then their neighbour offered them a barbeque. Just Like That.

Something like this is surely an act of receiving Good Karma, no?

Okay, so what about yesterday? I gave my friend the fifty cents she needed to buy her lunch. An hour later, we were sitting on the fake grass at uni, responsibly enjoying the sun. And I moved to get more shade. And I found ONE DOLLAR. It had been sitting there all along, ready for any of us to find. But I moved, and I found it. And I got repayed for my Good Deed. Convinced yet?

Another time, I was walking home, and it was raining. And I really needed to pee, but I had to walk home first. In the rain.

And then this old lady slipped on the wet road, and her umbrella blew away. I ran after her umbrella, checked she was okay (she was), and continued on my way. And REALLY needed to pee.

I was rewarded by green crossing lights all the way home. That’s two sets of lights, one of which you can get stuck at for legit seven minutes. And seven minutes is a long time when you Really Need To Pee.

But, despite helping this lady, I got home in record time.

What are your good karma stories?

4 responses to “Karma Karma Karma Charmeleon

  1. Yesterday I was recounting a story about how I stopped to give some money to homeless man, when mid-sentence (and in the very same spot as where the good deed took place) I looked down and netted myself a lonely 5 cents! πŸ˜€

  2. I was working the other night, surprising i know!
    I was helping this new person, it was his first shift. Believe me, that first shift is a killer. Anyway, at the end of my shift, i received a free choice of anything in works vending machine! It only does it for every 20th transaction. I suspect that it was the world repaying me for my good deed earlier that day! πŸ™‚

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