Have You Heard… Eddplant?

Eddplant (or Ed Blann) is a 23 year old musician living in London, who is part of the thriving Youtube community where I source much of my favourite music.

He’s been uploading both originals and covers on the ‘Tube since 2007, and never ceases to make me fall in love with his voice. Is there a non-cliche way to say a voice is gravelly? If there is, imagine me telling you that what his voice is like. It relaxes me. It’s kind of like he’s singing directly to you, sharing a little secret or something.

Ed’s lyrics always get me as well, whether they’re serious, emotional, full of amazing imagery, or light-hearted and fun.

Recently, Ed has released his second EP of original songs, “None Of These Songs Are About You, But Some Of Them Might Apply”, which is available here (as is his other EP, “2008”, which I finally bought earlier in the week… timely.)

Also, he’s teamed up in The Sons of Admirals (which I will be featuring soon; the story behind their name is pretty cool), covering Cat Stevens’ “Here Comes My Baby” and “Believe in Yourself” (the theme song from the children’s cartoon, Arthur) amongst other things. Check out some recordings they did at The Sun here.

One last video before I wrap up here.

What do you think of Eddplant?

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