Bu-ut, Oh! Those Su-ummer… Niiiigh-hights!!!

Who doesn’t love a bit of Grease in the blog title?!

Hmm. Knowing the opinions of many of my friends about Grease, don’t answer that. Just be happy for me, haha.

Anyway! About this time every year (the end of the school year is in sight, days are getting longer and warmer, etc etc), I start thinking of the long stretch of holidays that lays ahead of me. Thinking and PLANNING.

What will I do with these lazy, hazy days of summer? It starts with a list ( / pile / shelf) of books that I will read “when I get the time”. (Admittedly, I get distracted from this list and pick up other things… I wrote a list of books I was going to read last year once I’d finished exams… and I’ve still not gotten through it haha)

And then I start thinking up events I’m gonna do. Trips away… things I’ll cook…nights with friends…

This summer (as far as I can tell from my plans) will be fantabulous.

I’m planning my FIRST EVER OVERSEAS TRIP! Which, once I’m on the plane, and everything’s sorted, will be AWESOME.
So that’s my first month. And as literally awesome as that will be, I will come home in December, and be broke as… something that is really, really broke. Which, you know, would put a damper to a lot of summery plans and stuff.

So this summer, I’m planning to embrace the Big Night In. (Emma’s blog, and literally, staying in, good times on the cheap.)

Already, my school friends and I are planning Grown Up Barbeque Parties (possibly on the beach?). This stemmed from a conversation about how much we’ve Grown Up this past year. (Maybe more on this later? Would you be interested?)

And with the Uni Buds, we’re planning A Very Potter Night (with butterbeer, of course) and a Turkish Night (with baklava, of course), and there are more nights, but I CAN’T REMEMBER.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the summer; I always do!

What have you got planned? What do you suggest?


8 responses to “Bu-ut, Oh! Those Su-ummer… Niiiigh-hights!!!

  1. I suggest a nice long/fairly reasonably sized holiday in Queensland after your FIRST EVER OVERSEAS TRIP! so that you can engage in some slightly less Grown Up social activities with two of your favouritest housemates ^.^

  2. You know, I plan to take you up on that!!!
    But you’re Grown Ups now yourselves. I expect nothing but Mature, Civilised, Grown Up fun. 😛

  3. They are so grown up they’re geriatric. Have you been to a pub yet Ben?

    My winter plan is to sit inside with hot chocolate looking at your photos of summer and wishing I was there. Oh and play with Nats and Kathleen when they’re here and in the snow.

  4. LET’S GO TO A QUEENSLAND PUB! Just, you know, for summer photos for Bianca 😛
    Winter’s icky, but playing with Nat and Kathleeny will be fun! 😀

  5. YAYYY! u mentioned our turkish night and harry potter night (: this means its DEFINITELY HAPPENING! set in stone now! and u must add our steam train day too in cmaine! ❤

  6. Cheese & I are a’moseying on down to a Qld Transport office tomorrow so as we can have some form of ID for when you arrive, Allykins. Just thought I’d let you know ^.^

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