TEN SONGS… to get your summer on to

SUMMER’S COMING! Get excited! I’m excited! Are you excited?

We’ve got some warm weather going on down here in Melbourne (though, you know, it is CURRENTLY raining… ), and I’ve probably been a little too excited about the fact that I can wear dresses and skirts without leggings or tights.

BUT, what all this means is that you need, a) to get ready for an overload of summery posts here, and b) to listen to some summery songs!

We cast the nets out to twitter and facebook, to see what you all like to listen to when getting in a summery mood, and we got some great suggestions, like Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”, “The Festival Song” by PEZ, Daryl Braithwaite with “One Summer”, and “Forever Young” by Youth Group. (Plus way more, but then the list would be longer than the rest of the post)

But now, without further ado: ten of my favourite songs to get my summer on to (in no special order).

– “Candy Floss“, by Alex Day
This song is like having a perfect day in two and a half minutes.  Do I like “Candy Floss” by Alex Day? *shrug* It’s alright. I mean, it’s really nice, you’ll like it a lot.
(PS, someone please bring me some fairy floss, please)

– “Crayon Factory”, by The Phonies
A song about good times, good mates and good… times. Again. Just take a listen, and try not to dance. Good times and good friends; is there a better way to spend a summer? Mine’s personally got less drugs than this song though 😛

– “Hot Kisses, Cold Tiles”, by Fergus Brown
A song about “Sunshine, moonlight, lovers kissing, all about raindrops, blowing off leaves…”. Although… on further listening… it might be saying that it is NOT about all that stuff, not “all about”. Huh. Either way. Great song. Have a listen and tell me what you think the lyrics are.

“Fine” , by Lemon Demon
Everything works out nice in the end, the sun will marry the moon, it’ll fine. Why don’t we sit back mellow again, and have a nice afternoon? It’ll be fine, fine. Not only is this a good motto for general life, but how summery is that? Summer is coming. And then, everything will be fine.

“Girl Can’t Dance”, by Ed Blann
I cannot dance. And I have come to accept this. But this summer, when there’s a tune I like, I’m going to do my best. A tune like… Girl Can’t Dance.
(PS, thanks to Ed, whenever I tell people I can’t dance, this is how the conversation goes:
Ally: Oh, I can’t daarnce.
Other Person: What did you say??
Ally: Dance. I can’t DANCE. *shifty eyes*
Other Person: I thought you said daarnce.
Ally: *shifty eyes* nope.)

“It’s Too Hot”, by Hank Green
Okay, so there comes a point every summer (usually February), where as much as the constant sunshine and excellence is fantastic, you wish the temperature would drop by just a couple of degrees. And this is when you play this song.

“Time Well Spent”, by Feltbeats
You know Draco Malfoy? From Harry Potter? Or at least Tom Felton? From the films? Yes?
You know how much you dislike him ‘cos he’s the bad guy (unless you don’t, because you know that he is an ACTOR  and / or you think he is ATTRACTIVE)?
Well, Tom Felton has a guitar. And a lovely singing voice. And the first time I saw this it was a really surreal experience, because he was meant to be the BAD GUY, but I was really enjoying what I was hearing!

“Indigo”, by Tom Milsom
A love song for a person with synesthesia. Fun, no? I find the instrumentation especially summery.

– “We’ll Remember You”, by Ben Abraham
If you have a chance to go see Ben Abraham live, do it. A-ma-zing.
I chose this song for the imagery of being “on a highway, with your fingers in the air, or moving on a roadway to anywhere…” Perfect for roadtripping, no?

– “Heat”, by Sui Zhen
To me, Becky Freeman just has a summer nights kind of voice. Not in a Grease kind of way, but like, the perfect soundtrack to a humid summer night. Sitting out on the verandah in the dark with your mates.
So those are my suggestions (I had a hard time whittling it down to ten though, believe you me!). Do you agree? What are your favourite summery songs? TELL ME!


12 responses to “TEN SONGS… to get your summer on to

  1. great music choice! i didnt know any of these songs but now i know what to look up if i want to get into the summer mood 🙂
    although i just looked out the window and im pretty sure it is still raining 😦

  2. I like “Turkish Bread and Tea Apples” by Noobs in the Glassbox. They’re a but underground atm but you can hear them on INDIE 103.1 from time to time. “Candy Floss” by Alex Day is pretty epic though, I have to say 😀

  3. You’ve just sent me on a Tom Felton craze again. I love this!! The post I mean, as well as a Tom Felton craze.

  4. Perhaps a small image at the top. You’re using a thin page, so as long as you keep with one sentence per para, it won’t need breaking up.

    I’m thinking of a third blog called ‘Overheard in Seattle’ because this place beats Melbourne for randomness. What do you think?

  5. OK, good. You’re a bad influence. Remind me next week once I get my uni stuff done. In the meantime ask Rhi to show you the texts, including the hairdresser one.

  6. although i agree with all these songs (mostly because i hardly know them) i would love to see some michael jackson. michael jackson EVERYWHERE (:

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